About CTR group

CTR group is a strong and stable investment group with more than 35 years of history. The group has a broad experience in three business branches – production and distribution of building materials, business aviation and real estate development and management. These three main business branches also reflect in its initials CTR – C for cement and building materials, T for transport and business aviation and R for real estate.

CTR Projekt is an independent company of CTR group, whose main business is to offer complete scale of services regarding realization of tailor-made real estate projects in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. CTR Projekt works for a wide range of clients including private and institutional investors. A selection from our realized projects and references can be found HERE.


CTR Projekt, s.r.o.
Francouzská 454/74
101 00 Praha 10

Tel.: +420 255 702 744
Fax: +420 255 702 799
E-mail: info@ctrgroup.cz

CTR Holding GmbH
Millennium Park 4
6890 Lustenau

Tel.: +43 5577 849 1009