15. 8. 2019

Mrs. Monika became the last owner of an exclusive apartment 4+kitchen corner with a beautiful view of the city in Rezidencia pri Radnici, Kosice, Slovakia.

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19. 7. 2019

This week, we have finally started pre-sales of apartments in our new project Rezidencia Albelli in Kosice, Slovakia. “The Old Town. The New Life”. This is the

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7. 6. 2019

Two celebrations took place yesterday in the center of Dresden. In cooperation with our joint-venture partner Baywobau, we´ve celebrated the completion of Boulevard am Wall I with

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30. 5. 2019

We´ve finally closed all negotiations and signed a purchasing contract of a large development area in Dresden, Germany this week. The new site will allow

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10. 5. 2019

Finally, after a two-year break this year, we started also construction of a long-awaited project Victoria Center in Prague!

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10. 4. 2019

During the last week, an inspection for the final approval of the project Boulevard am Wall I in the center of Dresden took place. Now

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2. 4. 2019

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, we took park as a proud main partner of the traditional award “Citizen of Kosice of the Year 2018″. The

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28. 3. 2019

On Friday 22. 3., we could definitely celebrate a moment that is getting scarcer and rarer every year for any residential developer in Prague. After

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