28. 3. 2019

On Friday 22. 3., we could definitely celebrate a moment that is getting scarcer and rarer every year for any residential developer in Prague. After challenging 8,5 years since original land acquisition, the building permit for the expected multipurpose project Viktoria Center in Prague 3 has finally become effective.

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15. 2. 2019

A new Fresh Plus supermarket has been opened recently in our project Rezidencia pri Radnici in Kosice, Slovakia. The residents of the project can thus make their daily shopping without starting a car or traveling by public transport.

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9. 1. 2019

The company VSH development, a member of the CTR group, supported the Children Teaching Hospital Kosice and donated new waiting-room benches for patients.

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14. 12. 2018

In the almost completed and already globally-sold project Boulevard am Wall I in the center of Dresden, apartments are currently being furnished with high quality kitchens. The handover of the completed project is being planned for March/April 2019. Some of the kitchens can be found in our gallery.

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7. 10. 2018

On October 7 the team of the colleagues from VSH development participated in the „Medzinárodný maratón mieru“ in Košice. The race was attended by 2 relay teams representing our projects Rezidencia pri radnici and Business Centre Košice, and the best team completed the race in the excellent time: 4:24:07.

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17. 8. 2018

As part of a teambuilding some employees of the CTR group together with their colleagues from the sister company VSH Development climbed to the highest peak Triglav, and then had ride on the river Soča on the rafts.

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