Land acquisition

Land acquisition profile

Our company constantly searches for new sites, land, brownfields and projects in Germany with further development potential. In addition to Germany, the real estate division of our group is also active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. List of our reference projects can be found HERE.

Key facts:

Functional use of the plot:
housing development, alternatively
commercial/boardinghouse use

Cities: Berlin, Dresden, Regensburg

Location: Prime and very good central location

Size: from 10,000 sqm to 30,000 sqm GFA
(at least 7,000 sqm GFA)

Preferred locations in Germany


Basic property specification:

  • Greenfield and Brownfield plots
  • Sites with a draft project/study
  • Current properties suitable for conversion/reconstruction
  • Sites with a valid zoning plan/zonin plan in preparation

Use in zoning plan:

  • For housing use min. 85 % of the built-up area, the remaining area may be of a commercial/retail use
  • For boardinghouse use – in this alternative, a higher ratio of commercial/retail use is acceptable

Mode of purchase:

  • Asset deal
  • Share-deal
  • Joint ventures and partnerships

Contact person:

Martin Marek
Management Associate

gsm: +420 777 006 120


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