Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files a visited web page sends in your browser, which saves them on your computer; cookies are commonly used to distinguish users. However, the user as an individual cannot be identified through cookies. Cookies help a web page to remember your activities and preferences for a time so that you do not have to enter them again after revisiting the page or browsing from one page to another.

For what do we use cookies?

Cookies facilitate easy web browsing. Cookies primarily serve these purposes:

  • Making sure our website works as expected.
  • Analysing visit data and user behaviour.

Our website uses cookies, which can be classified into two basic categories by duration. Temporary (‘session’) cookies are only temporary and saved on your computer until the end of the session, and persistent cookies, which are saved on your computer a longer time. Temporary cookies facilitate keeping information when you browse the Internet and you do not have to enter some information every time. Once you close your browser, temporary cookies are deleted from your device. Persistent cookies help your computer to be identified when you re-visit our website but are unable to identify you as the individual.

Types of cookie used by our website:

Cookie Issuer/Name Cookie Type Description session content administration system cookie making sure the system runs well during the session session unique user identifier (WTDGUID) persistent Google Analytics cookie for website visit monitoring (utma etc.) persistent Google server cookies – HSID (a record of user account ID with Google), NID (Google ads customisation cookie), APISID, SSI and other cookies

Granting and Revoking Consent to Use of Cookies

Using this website, you consent to the use of cookies. This consent is voluntary. If you do not consent to the collecting of some or all cookies, you may prevent such collecting by changing your browser’s settings as indicated below. If you do so, you may have to select some options manually every time you visit our website and some services and functions may not work.

Browser Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox
Disabling cookies 1. Go to Tools menu and select Internet Options.
2. Click on the Personal Data Protection tab.
3. Push the bar up in the setting frame to disable all cookies.
4. Press OK to confirm.
1. Go to Settings menu.
Select Advanced Settings.
2. Click on Content Setting in Privacy Protection and Security.
3. Click on Cookies.
4. Disable the switch in Allow websites to store and read cookie data.
1. In the main menu click on Firefox and then Options.
2. Select Privacy.
3. In Cookies disable the option Allow servers to set Cookies.
4. Confirm your setting.
Deleting cookies 1. Go to the Tools menu, select Security and click on Delete browsing history.
2. Tick Cookies.
3. Press Delete.
1. Go to the History menu and click on Delete browsing data.
2. Tick Cookies and other website data.
3. Click on Delete data.
1. In the main menu click on Firefox and then the arrow at History.
2. Select Delete recent history.
3. Select All in Deletion period.
4. Click on Details to expand details, tick Cookies and press Delete.

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